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The 12 Point Cogan Engagement Guarantee.

1. Comprehensive Halo 10 year Residential Guarantee Insurance

a. Loss of deposit
b. 10 year cover for Structural defects including weather tightness issues
c. Extra costs to complete dwelling should something happen to your builder
d. Non-structural defects for 10 years once the building works are completed
e. Alternative accommodation requirements
f. If you sell your property within 10 years, the guarantee automatically passes over to the new owner.
g. Underwritten by Lloyd's of London

See website for further details

2. 10 Year Watertight Guarantee.

Cover for watertight remediation work on an existing leaky home. See website for further details

3. Communication.

Because we care about achieving best outcomes for you, we guarantee to talk with you about any matters that may affect the build - however small. We do not make assumptions for you.

4. Build Time Frame.

We give you a detailed build schedule and guarantee to complete your build in the time allotted. In the event of an unexpected delay you will be notified immediately. Should a delay be simply our fault we offer an all expenses paid weekend stay at Chillout Taiwawe Lodge on us.

5. Two year maintenance free period.

Because we are so confident in the quality of our build processes you get two years of free maintenance. In the unlikely event of any failure we will replace or repair at no cost to you. In the event of a client supplied product failing we will help you organise subcontractors if needed.

6. No Hidden Extras.

We guarantee that you will get the services and products listed in your agreement. In the event of an unexpected change becoming necessary, you will be notified in writing and requested to approve before any additional expense is incurred. Should a more favourable product or method of building become recognised during the build we will communicate with you about this option and offer you a credit.

7. Fixed Price.

You are guaranteed that the price on the agreement is the price you pay. There are no additional fees unless prior approval has been obtained

8. Insurance.

You are protected by our comprehensive insurance throughout the build process including public liability, contract works on new builds & faulty workmanship

9. Qualified and experienced carpenters.

Because every Cogan Custom Homes job is overseen on-site by a qualified and licensed building professional you are guaranteed your build is checked against the highest standards.

10. Helpful friendly team.

You are guaranteed access to your site and our helpful team will be happy to show you progress. We do require you to notify us in advance so we can ensure health and safety protocol is followed.

11. Quotation Time Frame.

We guarantee to supply you with your Cogan Custom Homes action plan within the time frame agreed.

12. Comprehensive Quotes.

Some companies provide a quote on just the basics. Your Cogan Custom Homes quote is detailed and guaranteed to cover everything discussed.