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Designing and building a waterfront or canal home in Marsden Cove is a unique and exciting opportunity, which also presents a set of unique challenges. It's not like building in a normal subdivision.

The following are some questions you might want to ask of a prospective builder:

  • Does the builder live locally and have a good understanding of the local climates and of waterfront properties?
  • Do they have specialist knowledge of coastal building products & design details for longevity, and the better products to select?
  • Does the builder understand the value of view planes & placement of windows?
  • Will they know how to maximise waterfront/canal value & living experience?
  • Are they willing to make adjustments and suggestions as you progress through the build to ensure that you get minor details absolutely right?
  • Will they be with you through the whole process and involve you so you achieve your vision & dream?
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With the specialist knowledge needed to build a waterfront home, the team at Cogan Custom Homes know exactly what to build into your home and importantly what to avoid. You can be confident you’re building a home that will perfectly suit your lifestyle and location. You’ll also have access to the Online Client Access platform, so whether you already live in the area or not, you’ll get access to selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more. Careful consideration before choosing your builder at Marsden Cove could make all the difference to enjoying and being satisfied with your new home.

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