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Designing and building a waterfront or canal home in Marsden Cove is a unique and exciting opportunity, which also presents a set of unique challenges. It's not like building in a normal subdivision.

The following are some questions you might want to ask of a prospective builder:

  • Does the builder live locally and have a good understanding of the local climates and of waterfront properties?
  • Do they have specialist knowledge of coastal building products & design details for longevity, and the better products to select?
  • Does the builder understand the value of view planes & placement of windows?
  • Will they know how to maximise waterfront/canal value & living experience?
  • Are they willing to make adjustments and suggestions as you progress through the build to ensure that you get minor details absolutely right?
  • Will they be with you through the whole process and involve you so you achieve your vision & dream?


With the specialist knowledge needed to build a waterfront home, the team at Cogan Custom Homes know exactly what to build into your home and importantly what to avoid. You can be confident you’re building a home that will perfectly suit your lifestyle and location.

You’ll also have access to the Online Client Access platform, so whether you already live in the area or not, you’ll get access to selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more.

Careful consideration before choosing your builder at Marsden Cove could make all the difference to enjoying and being satisfied with your new home.


Doug and Miriam (buildable within our budget)

Building our holiday home in Martingale Lane, Marsden Cove was a very rewarding experience with Craig Cogan Builder.

Craig initially introduced us to Adam Welford of Maxar Architecture (who is local in the area) who took over our plans and with the help of Craig made them practical, simplified and above all buildable within our budget.

Craig's building systems were impeccable and the whole process was completed on time and under budget producing an elegant and professional result. The Craig Cogan Builder Carpenters and Sub-Contractors were excellent, motivated and competent to deal with.

We met on site at least once a month but his weekly reports over the internet made it easy to make decisions remotely including while we were away overseas for 2 months.

Miriam and I fully recommend Craig Cogan Builder and Maxar Architecture as professional, honest and capable of building projects such as ours.

Joel and Kathryn (faultless processes and systems)

We have built several houses and since doing our last build with Craig Cogan Builder, the bar has been set to a level that most will not achieve. The whole process was faultless and the systems that are in place make it hard to drop the ball. Craig made us feel as though we were the only build he had on, he was thorough from start to finish and this was greatly appreciated since we live some distance away.

The site was the cleanest site I have been to and his team were second to none, very helpful and went over and above. Thank to Craig and his team it was a very enjoyable process and we love the finished the product.

Andy and Collette (wanted a builder to deliver on their promise)

Our first build was a rollercoaster that thankfully ended on a high with Craig Cogan Builder.

We were new to the area and knew nothing about building. A well known nationwide building company seemed the safe choice. The adverts promised an easy, defined process to build our home, on budget with nationwide support and a guarantee. The building company failed to deliver on its promises.

Craig Cogan Builder picked up the pieces and delivered everything we hoped the building company would and much more.

Looking back the sales patter from the building company was textbook. “No” was not in their vocabulary when we discussed our project. After several meetings we gave them our own concept plan and paid a deposit. An altered plan came back nearly $200,000 over our discussed budget. The promises made before paying the deposit vanished and it was clearly not possible to build what we wanted on the budget we had agreed upon. They should have known that right?

Call it luck, fate or coincidence but we met Craig by chance one day. He had a quick look at the concept plans and within 20 seconds said that while there could be some unknown variables it would probably be within an indicative price range. We cut to the chase in less than 60 seconds.

Our relationship with the building company deteriorated rapidly. They tried to corner us with upfront costs and small print. The appearance of, but lack of transparency in the pricing was deeply worrying and the untruths stacked up quickly. The salesman told us they had reduced the build cost by cutting their own margin but we needed to sign immediately to lock in the price. We didn’t sign, and when we checked the addendum we found that they had just reduced our specs. The aggressive sales tactics and lack of transparency soured the relationship and the experience badly.

Craig Cogan Builder's approach and philosophy is very different. They provide straight and valuable advice. Their quote was well presented and clear on what was included and what was not. The pricing structure was transparent and easily understood. Their guarantees supported by a National Building Association are the same or better than the well known building companies. The price, in our case was far better.

Engaging Craig Cogan, an independent builder has had unforeseen benefits. We feel we are more than just another number, notch or sales statistic. Being a local and having his name attached to his business he cares deeply about his reputation. Our relationship was professional throughout the process and since completion have become friends

Craig Cogan Builder delivered a realistic yet positive and encouraging experience to realise our dream home.

Zane and Shirley (the freedom to work with an independent designer)

Having previously built and having a satisfactory but at times frustrating experience in Auckland we had a good idea of the processes and concerns we wanted to address before choosing a builder for our now completed (2015) canal home at Marsden Cove.

After initially talking to housing companies it became clear that engaging an independent designer we liked would give us far more flexibility with selecting a builder.

The alternative option of locking in early with a housing company, paying money up front but still not owning the plan or concept which meant losing the freedom to go elsewhere didn't sit well with us.

Once we settled on a designer and plan we asked around about local builders and Craig Cogan Builder came to the forefront.

From the outset to completion and beyond it has been a pleasure to deal with Craig and his friendly team of professional tradies.

The quoting process was detailed and transparent, their online build system made us feel very much part of the process which finished ahead of schedule and on budget.

We really liked that we were always dealing with experienced builders through the entire process and we loved the quick communication throughout.

We thoroughly enjoyed the build and would be more than happy to share our experience if you are considering building with Craig.

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